Lorien Fenton

LORIEN FENTON became actively involved in the San Francisco Bay Area UFO Community after almost dying from a mysterious form of Pneumonia during the H1N1 scare of summer 2009. It was that near death experience which propelled her into doing the work she loves in a community that she has been passionate about her entire life.

Lorien is the MUFON Marin and Sonoma counties Section Director, holding meetings in Petaluma, CA on the first Saturday of the month. Visit www.MUFONMarinSonoma.com. Her current “occupations” include web designer, bookkeeper, Marketing and PR Person and a conference producer. Plus, the nonprofit she founded, Conscious Community Events, produces UFO CON. Visit www.CAUFOCON.com.

She also produces the Super Soldier and Mind Control Summits (2012-13-14). She is currently planning the next Mind Control Summit, which will cover the topics of Targeted Individuals, Transhumanism, “Super Soldiers, Monarchs, etc.” and other area’s of mind control and torture, in Summer 2017 in SAN PEDRO, CA. (www.MindControlSummit.com). If that wasn’t enough, she has two weekly radio talk shows. They are:

Lorien is the co-Producer, co-Host and creator of “Transcending Realities” (TR) on Ron Jame’s IVOLVE TV Internet Network. TR was created as a platform for five outspoken women, who have been involved in the “UFO, Consciousness and Conspiracy Communities” for decades. They voice their opinions about important topics within the community and interview authors and speakers in the so-called “fringe arenas” (life after death, AI technology, Transhumanism, Exopolitics, Ancient Aliens, UFOs, alien contact, Whistleblowers, conspiracies, the shadow government, etc.).

If you haven’t guessed by now, she lives in front of a computer, has her ear glued to a phone, and has no children other than her two tail-less cats. Sings “Moon Dance” by Van Morrison to herself, is slowly becoming a Crazy Old Cat Lady, and finally saw her first UFO on 11/1/2014. She has never been abducted or seen a Grey or Reptilian — that she can remember.

PANEL MEMBER: “Transcending Realities” Panel – Q & A with the Show Hosts!

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