Barbara Lamb – Ex. Sessions

We are honored to have Barbara Lamb as our “Lunch Time” Experiencer Sessions Leader both Saturday and Sunday.


  1. Please have your Lunch or Dinner with you and ready to eat (pack silverware, napkins, etc.). If you do not want to eat during the group, that is fine, but please be aware other will be doing so.
  2. We will have sign up sheets for the 4 Sessions (2 Lunch and 2 Dinner). We would like to keep the groups at 20-25 per Session.
  3. Please, only sign up for 1 Session per day.
  4. The room where the Sessions will take place will be announced at the conference.

WOULD YOU LIKE AN HYPNOSIS SESSION WITH BARBARA? Please email her – – to set up an appointment while at the conference.

Barbara Lamb graduated from Mount Holyoke College where she received her B.A. in philosophy, and received her M.A. in behavioral science from University of LaVerne in California. She specializes in Regression Therapy with people who experience encounters with extraterrestrial beings. Trained in Regression Therapy for several years during the 1980s by the Association for Past Life Research and Therapies (APRT), she began working with ET experiencers in 1991. She has conducted regressions with more than 1,400 people totaling more than 2,500 regressions to these types of encounters.

Barbara has taught workshops for Regression Therapists to train them in doing regression therapy with experiencers of extraterrestrial contact through the following organizations:  The Association for Past Life Research and Therapies (APRT), the Professional Institute for Regression Therapy (PIRT), the International Board of Regression Therapies (IBRT), and other training agencies. She is currently the President of The Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists (ACCET), is a past Board Member of The Journal of Abduction- Encounter research (JAR).

Over the past 20 years Barbara has presented lectures on the subject of extraterrestrial encounters across the United States, Canada, England and Belgium, including to the International UFO Congress, the Bay Area UFO Expo, UFO CON, Star Knowledge Conferences, Whole Life Expos, Conscious Life Expos, Brain-Mind Symposiums, and various Mutual UFO Network chapters. She has been interviewed on numerous national television shows including Encounters, The Other Side, The Learning Channel, The History Channel, Discovery Channel, and WE Channel. She has also been interviewed on various radio programs, on the air and on the Internet. Barbara, also a noted crop circle researcher, co-authored her first book, Crop Circles Revealed, with Judith K. Moore in 2001. She co-authored her second book, Alien Experiences, with Nadine Lalich in 2008.

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