Sasha & Janet Lessin – “ANUNNAKI ASSESSED: Perks, Problems and Pledges From Our Makers”

PRESENTATION: ANUNNAKI ASSESSED: Perks, Problems and Pledges From Our Makers
The Lessins, students of Zecharia Sitchin, show slides and discuss the blessings, curses and challenges giant Anunnaki geneticists from the planet Nibiru gave us in our DNA and training.
PERKS: the Anunnaki proffered began when they adapted their genome to Earth to create us, to give us our very existence.  We benefited from technology they taught as well as computers, rockets, submarines and the like–that we saw them use and eventually imitated. They blessed us with physics, legal codes, mathematics, cosmology, astronomy, biology, gene spicing, metallurgy, brick-making, music, medicine, instruments, literacy, architecture, geology, cities, schools, canal and watering systems, ships, cartography and contracts.  The Anunnaki gave additional perks to selected savants to share with us when we were ready for them.
PROBLEMS: our creators gave us short lifespans, imprinted status obsession and greed as our guiding principles and inflicted royals, religions, racism, sexism, slavery, taxes, gold lust, debt, murder, war, propaganda and forced ignorance upon us.  Now, they give us PLEDGES; they promise to help us dawn the mini-Satya Yuga/Aquarian Age that celebrates both individuality and unity.

Location: PENINSULA BALLROOMS 2 & 3: Speakers Date: March 25, 2018 Time: 10:15 am - 11:30 am Janet Lessin Sasha Lessin