Janet Lessin

JANET KIRA MINNAH LESSIN, the ultimate radio personality, whistleblower and interviewer writes about alien, contactee reintegration, cult deprogramming, paranormal, past life, walk-in, near-death, interdimensional, multidimensional, astronomical, genetic, shamanic, tantric, polyamorous and ancient anthropological phenomena. She has integrated these fields of study and experience in a highly readable series, Dance of the Souls and has already published the first book of the series, Pierce the Veil, which brings together her fields of interest and her own direct, upfront and personal experiences with the Anunnaki, Greys, military working with the ETs. She shares her adventures at the base the ETs and our clandestine military hide under Johnston Atoll in the Pacific. Janet regularly downloads messages from Ninmah, the Anunnaki mother of humanity.

Janet’s book, Anunnaki: Legacy of the Gods, includes many of Ninmah messages from humanity, messages of how to transcend the matrix of hatred that ensnares us and how to create a civilized society that can gain admission to galactic society. Janet co-hosts internet radio programs on Revolution Radio and Aquarian Radio. On her shows she interviews top researchers, whistleblowers and experiencers in UFOs, conspiracy, disclosure, ancient anthropology, science fiction and Anunnaki studies.

She is a student of Zecharia Sitchin, who certified her in Sitchin Studies. She attends various UFO and Ancient Alien conferences and interviews these conferences outstanding presenters. She has posted and archived nearly 1000 radio shows and articles in ufology, experiencer integration, paranormal experiences and spiritual philosophy on her websites.



INTENSIVE: ET, Paranormal and Cosmic Experiencers: Me, You and a Hypnotherapist

Janet Kira Lessin shares the model and her experiences of extraterrestrial, interdimensional, bilocal as well as past and future life reviewing and previewing.  She teaches how to cast your paranormal experiences in the framework of a lifelong HERO-JOURNEY of self-discovery, a journey to acquire boons for all humanity from aliens and spiritual guides. Dr. Sasha Lessin leads a hypnotic visualization to assist our hero-journeys.


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