“UFO Jim” Ledwith

“UFO JIM” LEDWITH has been a lecturer for over 12 years on the topics of: Science & UFOs, Hollywood & UFOs, Science & Crop Circles, Area 51, The Moon and more. He has presented at community colleges, adult education classes, Rotary Clubs, and other community groups nationally and internationally. He has been on many radio and TV programs.

He is the instructor of a popular, well attended annual class at the Sonoma Community Center on Alien Encounters called the UFO Series. He is has also been instrumental at the Sonoma International Film Festival in creating the UFO Symposium (now in its 7th year) which has UFO Films with the Filmmakers, plus a panel of Science and UFO related individuals, including Abductees, investigative researchers, and Disclosure Activists.

WEBSITE: www.ufosRreal.com

UFO Jim will be your Host and Moderator of the UFO CON Film Festival.

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