Serena Wright Taylor

SERENA WRIGHT TAYLOR has a background in the spiritual and metaphysical fields as well as the entertainment field. Beginning at the BBC in London then to Los Angeles as Personal Assistant to actors and producers. She spent some of her earlier years studying the ancient Vedas of India, living in temples and presenting plays and classical dances depicting the ancient epics.  Being intuitive throughout her life, she began giving readings in her twenties and now has a worldwide clientele for her Intuitive Vedic Astrology readings. Serena’s greatest interest has always been to research and investigate the UFO phenomena, ancient secrets and conspiracies. Serena is an Associate Producer with Conscious Life Expo and on the Board of Directors of MUFON OC and Starworks USA.


PANEL MEMBER: “Transcending Realities” Panel – Q & A with the Show Hosts!

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