Rosemary Ellen Guiley

ROSEMARY ELLEN GUILEY has worked full-time in the paranormal and metaphysical fields for more than 30 years, investigating and researching contact experiences with alien beings and spirits, as well as other phenomena.  She has written more 60 books on a wide range of subjects.  Her book The Djinn Connection: The Hidden Links Between Djinn, Shadow People, Extraterrestrials, Nephilim, Archons, Reptilians and Other Entities is the result of a decade-plus of research that started with Shadow People cases and spread into every corner of entity contact experiences.  Guiley serves on the board of directors of the Edgar Mitchel Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE), and is a certified hypnotist for regressions. She lives in Connecticut.

PRESENTATION: The Djinn, ETs, Shadow People and Black-Eyed People

ET abduction and contact experiences often involve shape-shifting, disguised beings known as the Djinn, a race of beings who share the planet with us but exist in a parallel realm.  Many Djinn are hostile to humans, and have carried on covert agendas since the days of ancient aliens, gods and demi-gods. Two of their favored forms today are Shadow People and Black-Eyed People. Rosemary Ellen Guiley traces the origins of Djinn, their connections to ancient aliens and gods, and their roles today in ET abductions and encounters, attacks that have vampiric and demonic characteristics, and paranormal activities.



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