Rob States

ROB STATES is a Mechanical Engineer with three M.S. Degrees, two from MIT. He has a 20 year career as a consulting engineer in aircraft design, chemical manufacturing, industrial drying, and numerous other industries. This background gives Rob a unique perspective on applied physics, the practice of taking the theories of Physics and turning them into computers, rockets, and hair dryers.

One of his M.S. Degrees from MIT is in Finance, so he also has insights into how the current fascist governments in the US and around the world manage the constant barrage of disinformation that we see in the sciences, media, education, and elsewhere.

Rob is Tesla devotee and has presented for the San Francisco Bay Area Tesla Society on several occasions.  He has spoken at UFO conferences and for MUFON groups in Northern California. His main focus is Alien Cultures and UFO Technology. Rob is always pondering these two questions, “why do they find humans the least bit interesting, and how the heck do they get here?”

INTENSIVE/WORKSHOP PRESENTATION: Gravity Drives and Alien Cultures

Aldebaran is a mystery star, and the “Detroit” of the Milky Way, manufacturing space ships for several alien races. And yet, Aldebaran is a red giant, being similar to our sun (1.7 solar masses) but 4 billion years older and in its “red giant” phase.  When our sun enters this phase, it will engulf Mercury, incinerate Venus and Earth, boil away our oceans and sterilize the planet. However, given the sophistication of the space ships that the Aldebaran civilization makes, it is plausible they moved their planet to a more habitable orbit. This would require a huge gravity drive, but since they make the Cadillac space ships of the Milky Way, it’s plausible.

This talk will explain the gravity drives we know the most about, and Rob will explain how these “cream of the crop” of devices work, compare their mode of operation with known physics, and surmise which laws of physics are probably on shaky ground. Since the devices violate known laws of physics, we could build them, but would not know why they work.

Lastly, Rob will describe devices for which we have great information on how they work, do not violate any laws of physics, and could be engineered in the public sphere by merely using conventional engineering effort. Rob will describe the budget and effort required to bring devices like this out of the literature and into interstellar space to make us space faring and into the power grid to make us energy independent.

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