Patrick Bailey

DR. PATRICK BAILEY has been interested in the UFO phenomena for over 50 years. He has a PhD from MIT in Nuclear Engineering and has had a long professional career in advanced energy conversion devices, including commercial nuclear reactors, solar arrays, and LiIon batteries.

He has assisted at and has supported all of the past SF Bay Area UFO Expos, the Conspiracy CON Conferences, UFO CON, and he has served as the center camera man for a few years at the annual International UFO Congress. Patrick is best known for his daily emails informing his followers of worldwide earthquakes and what the “the evil empire” is up to at the moment.

PRESENTATION: The Coming New Digital Currencies and Digital Banking in the USA and Abroad

Patrick is also an expert on the new Digital economy. He’ll be discussing what are the best options for you to invest in (OneCoin, BitCoin, etc.) and how it works.


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