Nadine Lalich

NADINE LALICH entered UFOlogy reluctantly with great skepticism in 2004, after having suppressed for fifteen years her own traumatic contact with non-terrestrial beings. In June of 1991, while camping in Sedona, Arizona’s Oak Creek Canyon, she was removed from a vehicle in a fully conscious state by what appeared to be intelligent, non-terrestrial life forms. A short summary of her story was included in the book, “Alien Experiences, 25 Cases of Close Encounter,” which she co-authored with researcher and psychotherapist, Barbara Lamb. Her new book, “Alien Experiences – Book 2”, she chronicles her experiences in great detail with dozens of illustrations and photos, along with her current hypothesis regarding the phenomenon. The book is due for release by June 2017.

During Nadine’s thirty years in the legal field, she was employed as a litigation assistant, project coordinator and document manager which promoted strong investigative, organizational and problem-solving skills. This work involved research, collecting and reviewing data, monitoring projects and client assessment, written status reporting, and preparation and filing of legal documents in federal and state courts. Her lifelong interest in psychology, the nature of consciousness and spiritual development has caused her to explore a wide variety of techniques for health and consciousness expansion, including sound and light technology, sensory deprivation tanks, neurolinguistics and subliminal programming, meditation, and natural healing remedies. Ultimately, the skills and experiences she has acquired have greatly assisted her investigation into the ET contact phenomenon at large.

Nadine has written two books, Alien Experiences and The Dream of Becoming.  In 2010, she appeared in the documentary, The Day Before Disclosure, by filmmaker, Terje Tofteness of New Paradigm Films. She has also appeared on programs for Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and Discovery Health Channel, guest appeared on many radio shows including California MUFON Radio, Paranormal Radio, and A Global Focus, and been a speaker for MUFON Orange County and Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Paranormal Society. She is currently a panel member of the Journal of Abduction Research (“JAR”) where her articles regularly appear.  Her website provides information about the abduction phenomenon and many related topics.


PRESENTATION: Evolution: From ET Contactee to Military Abductee

This presentation will be a general review of the case history of the presenter, Nadine Lalich, an ET contactee, with a focus on the sudden and dramatic introduction of human military contacts that began after the release and publicity of her first book, Alien Experiences, co-authored by Barbara Lamb, in 2008. Detailed descriptions and illustrations of multiple MILAB experiences that include underground and under water military bases, placement in hazmat units, being displayed and observed by military and other humans from behind glass enclosures. The method of military abductions, techniques utilized for subjugation and to manipulate consciousness, cloned humans, and strange human/alien crafts observed under construction will also be included.



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