Melinda Leslie

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION – UFOLOGY’S MINDERS: The Management and Manipulation of Disclosure for 40 Years

PRESENTATION – How Do You Know if You Are an Abductee?

MELINDA LESLIE is a UFO abductee and has been public with her own extraterrestrial and covert-ops human abduction experiences for 26 years and is considered the leading authority on a military and intelligence agency involvement in UFO abduction cases. Both her research and personal experiences have been featured in 20 books by prominent authors in ufology.

Melinda is an investigator in the field of Ufology with over 28 years of experience. For six years she has been the owner of UFO Sighting Tours in Sedona, Arizona, where she has conducted well over 800 tours with the use of military Night Vision Goggles. To date, Melinda’s tour clients have felt they always had true UFO sightings on every tour but one! Please see her website for information.

Melinda has lectured for numerous organizations including UFO CON 2013, Contact in the Desert, the International UFO Congress, MUFON, the X-Conference, the Bay Area UFO Expo, The Whole Life Expo, and more. She’s a frequent guest on numerous radio shows including as a repeat guest on Coast-to-Coast AM, appeared on several television shows, and is currently a co-host of Transcending Realities, a new TV show on all things UFO, spiritual and conspiracy.


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