Mary Electra

MARY ELECTRA, Tonal Alchemist is a master of enhancing the intention of the healing process, individually and globally. Mary works on many dimensional levels, using techniques such as toning, breath-work, bodywork, tarot and spiritual counseling. Ancient sound and healing vibrations manifest through her, and she is inspired by the spiritual vibrations of many masters i.e., Mary Magdalena, the Christ Consciousness, Sai Baba, Baba Ji, Mother Mary, as well as other inter-dimensional beings.

Through the sound and inter-dimensional frequencies, unique to Mary, you will be guided to connect with your own inner wholeness through the portals of your higher dimensional self, assisting you to find a true sense of homecoming, while opening your own personal “Omni-Reality”.

WORKSHOP: Manifesting With Sound

Join renowned sound healer and tonal alchemist Mary Electra as we come together to manifest our intentions with sound. Mary’s sound work goes directly to the core of your higher self and empowers you to discover, heal, and achieve a deeper sense of yourself as well as a remarkable inner peace. Her abilities are difficult to explain in words and must be experienced to fully realize.

Mary’s gifts are further magnified by the vibrations of the group – creating a deeper and more powerful experience for all. This workshop will include: Manifestation Circle, Group Meditation with Sound, and more! Bring your written intentions and a personal item for our “alter”.


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