Lee Shargel

LEE SHARGEL was born in the U.S.A. He attended college in New York and in Florida where he studied engineering, robotics and creative writing. His fascination with mechanical design and medicine lead him to a long career at a prominent manufacturer of medical devices. His tenure as a director of engineering lead to an opportunity to work as a consultant to a NASA contractor tasked to build the Hubble telescope.

Working as a consulting engineer at NASA opened the floodgates of science fiction and lead to a whole new career as an author, screenwriter and science investigator/philosopher on the subject and possibility of extra-terrestrial life in the cosmos. He has been active in the research and study of this fascinating subject for over twenty five years.

Lee has had wonderful opportunities in this area working with Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Brad Silberling, Carmela Evangelista and many of the scientists at Goddard Space Flight Center, China Lake, JPL and Pine Gap.

During the 1990’s, Lee was the North American feature writer for Sci-Fi & Fantasy magazine. It was during that time that he was approached to write four chapters on the history of Science Fiction by Sir Richard Attenborough, publisher of the commemorative book, 100 Years of Moving Pictures, which sold over twenty five million copies worldwide. His interview with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas was the centerpiece of the book.

Lee’s 1997 novel of science fiction intrigue surrounding the manufacture and subsequent failure of the original construction of the Hubble Telescope, was a worldwide bestseller. It was this book that brought him into contact with Marshall Applewhite and the members of the “Heaven’s Gate” internet group exactly twenty years ago this March.

After his appearance on the Art Bell radio broadcast “Coast to Coast” in December, 1996, Lee became well known throughout the world for his hypothesis on the possibility of a probe piggy-backed on the Hale-Bopp comet in 1997 as well as his projections regarding the LIGO gravitational wave project and a new form of space travel.

In March 1997, Lee was the guest speaker at the International UFO convention in Laughlin, Nevada. It was here that the major controversy surrounding Lee Shargel began and has continued to this day.

Lee continues to lecture on his experiences as well as write books and screenplays on a variety of subjects. His latest novel, “Shark” is due out later his year as are his thrilling episodic adventure series, “Sirens”.

PRESENTATION: Life Has Been Discovered on Another Planet – The Other Planet is… EARTH

20 Years after “Heaven’s Gate” mass ‘suicide’, Lee Shargel presents revelations and insights into the controversy surrounding UFO’s and the existence of Extra-Terrestrial Life.

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