John Desouza

JOHN DESOUZA has researched and collected experiences on paranormal and spiritual topics for two decades. Previously, he was an investigating official of the US government who maintained a Top Secret security clearance during many years at one of the major “three letter agencies.” He labored in the fields of the (GWOT) Global War on Terrorism and the (WAD) War on Drugs. Currently, John serves as author and chief editor of The Age of Mass Awakening (TAMA) Books.

PRESENTATION: The Unthinkable In Ufology
John’s presentation will suggest the unthinkable… that many of assumptions in ufology we have followed meekly for sixty years are wrong. Following investigations to their logical conclusions, FBI Special Agent (Retired) DeSouza connects clues and reveals patterns that uncover some disturbing conclusions and the shocking truth of Extra-Dimensionality.



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