Jo Ann Richards

 JO ANN RICHARDS is the Executive Director of educational non-profit Earth Defense Headquarters. Her husband, Mark Richards, and his father, Ellis Loyd Richards, were involved with top-level military intelligence operations since World War II. Many of these operations included on-world and off-world contact and battles with various alien species.

Mark’s family history includes some very interesting bloodlines and personal connections. Both of his grandfathers worked with Nikola Tesla. Grandfather Richards worked on the Manhattan Project. Mark’s father spent summers with Tesla, Goddard, and Hubble. Both he and Mark were involved with top-secret things since they were teens… it runs in the family.

Jo Ann speaks about her knowledge of military operations and meetings that these men were involved with.  She shares information about numerous alien species, the secret space fleet, and battles with aliens on-and off-world. In 1984, Mark was falsely convicted of a murder and has been incarcerated ever since. The family now believes it was to keep him quiet about what he knows and to keep him from fighting the New World Order.

Jo Ann has been a guest on many radio and TV shows including: The Fenton Perspective, Quantum Leap, Ohio Exopolitics, Through the Keyhole with Karyn Dolan, Out There TV, is featured in Ed Grimsley’s Skywatch video, and has been interviewed by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot. She has given presentations at: several PROBE UK conferences; Ed Grimsley’s Skywatch Conferences; the Bay Area 2012 Summit; the 2012 Super Soldier Summit; the Alchemy Event and a host of other events.

Jo Ann has an incredible story to tell about Human-ET contact!


PRESENTATION: Secret Kingdom

In August 1970, Mark Richards trained with the Raptor military at Bamburgh Castle in England – at age 17 and before his active US military career. Jo Ann will share insights about Mark’s training, his Alien friends, Elementals, and The Craft. Learn about secrets of various sites in England. Never far from adventure, Mark and the Raptors turn a space-based field test into a rescue mission for Aliens in trouble, becoming a hero to many and an enemy to others.

SPECIAL PRESENTATION: Secret Bases and Alien Activities in The Middle East and Central Asia

Why are we really fighting in the Middle East and Central Asia? Jo Ann Richards will relate history and information about UFO sightings, alien encounters, star gates, and the New World Order. Not to be missed – who is working with ISIS?

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