Douglas Taylor

DOUGLAS TAYLOR is a multi-talented author, speaker, teacher, artist and woodworker. He is also a contactee and was profoundly spiritually affected by his encounter with advanced extra-terrestrials. His multi-media presentations are entertaining and educational as well as spiritually empowering. For over 25 years, Douglas has intrigued and inspired audiences through his many classes, workshops, and radio and TV interviews.

PRESENTATION: The Great Conspiracy: Hidden Worlds Hiding in Plain Sight

Douglas experienced an incredible UFO encounter in 1978. It inspired a life long journey and in-depth research which has now culminated in the understanding that there are advanced Extra-Terrestrials attempting to guide humankind in a positive direction.

The ancient advanced civilizations such as Atlantis, knew about UFOs, life on other planets and cosmic sciences such as reincarnation. The evolution of science in our present society has yet to identify the most important factor of our future development, our spiritual evolution which has always been hidden in plain sight. In this powerful presentation, Douglas will use his 30 years of creative development to describe and portray how this knowledge has been covered up and how we can insulate ourselves from the self-destructive effects of the largest conspiracy ever carried out against humankind.


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