Doug Hawes

DOUGLAS HAWES is a student of Western lore, with a fascination with ancient power points and magical places, and Native American legend. Douglas has a B.A. from UC Santa Cruz, and an M.A. from San Jose State University, both in Modern European History. He currently works in the legal field.

KEVIN KEALEY, Research Leader – Kevin Kealey returned to his native Lake County in 1989, and joined the Konocti exploration team in 1995. Kevin is the current leader of the Konocti Project.

PRESENTATION: The Konocti Mystery

Strange phenomena surround Mount Konocti, a volcano that overlooks Clear Lake, just north of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Legends tell of Little People that dwell inside the mountain, and a vast interior cavern that could be the largest in North America. More recent reports describe UFO activity, and suggest that an underground base lies beneath the area. The Konocti Project is a group of Lake County locals that has been exploring the mountain for over two decades.

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