Bruce Allen May

BRUCE ALLEN MAY, commonly refereed to as “Mr. Bruce”, he is extremely unique, a truly one of a kind Enigma in the field of UFOlogy. By day he works in Christian ministries for the poor and the homeless, providing all manor of aid. However, by night he is a warrior for humanity, fighting in a war that the public has never been allowed to know about.

He is not an abductee, nor does he refer to himself as a contactee. Rather, he openly states that he is a member of a human looking alien race, and that he was sent here in the flesh to live among humans. He also states that he is the same race that has been called Nordic Aliens, and which the Bible has called the Nephalim.

He states that our perceptions of him (and his species) are all wrong, and he offers to explain how past events have shaped the course of our present lives today in this Star System, as well as the war that is yet to come. He has been warning humans since childhood – HIS story has not changed in over half a century.

Until recently he has  remained in the shadows, away from the public eye, but continued to feed information to the public about the dangers faced by the people of earth. It is remarkable that there is a lot of information that today is regarded almost as common knowledge, but which seems to have originated with Bruce, which he was teaching a half century ago.

But his message was not one of benevolence. Rather, from the beginning he has warned about Alien WARS that both took place, and were yet to come, that would be devastating to the entire planet. Whether or not you believe his message, he has had multiple attempts on his life. His personal history shows that he has been in intensive care on eight different occasions from injuries. His human wife was killed five years ago during an attack on him.

Somebody has gone to great lengths to keep the public from hearing his message, and we are lucky to have him. This is his first time speaking in such a venue, and his message promises to be one of the most shocking of all time.

PRESENTATION: My Life on Planet Earth
Please join us Sunday morning for a profound presentation. Mr. Bruce will cover his entire life’s story, the story of Mars, his monitoring by the “secret government”, and so much more!

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