UFO CON Film Festival Begins: Two UFO “Disclosure” Films!

Welcome to the 1st Annual UFO CON Film Festival as curated by “UFO Jim” Ledwith.


7:30pm – UFO Jim will introduce “Disclosure in Films” and why he chose these particular movies.

“UFOs: It Has Begun”

7:45pm – 1:30 Running Time
This documentary is hosted by Rod Serling. Rod says in the beginning of the film, “it is based on fact and all true, with special thanks to NASA and the Department of Defense and with there cooperation in our search for UFOs, it has begun. “This is a Disclosure film exploring the existence of UFOs and Extraterrestrial beings.


“Unidentified Flying Objects, The True Story of Flying Saucers”

9:25pm – 1:05 Running Time
This unbelievable film was made in 1956 and is a straight forward Disclosure film. It has the Best interview of a American Airlines Pilot saying yes he encountered a UFO and describes the direct encounter. He is also in uniform being interviewed  in front of An American Airlines Passenger aircraft and an American Airlines Hanger. This has never happened since. Also, there is film of UFOs and much more. This is the only Mainstream film I have ever seen that says “UFOs Are Real” – it is NOT fiction. Hard to believe this United Artists film was in Theater’s in 1956.

Location: PENINSULA BALLROOM: Speakers and Film Festival Date: March 24, 2017 Time: 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm “UFO Jim” Ledwith